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Righteous Minds Designs
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Welcome to Righteous Minds

This is a site dedicated to show a variety of freelance art and design. My work tends to be on the illustrative side, however, we do offer designs and logos from a more traditional and conservative style to a more personalised, funky flavour of design. Most of these pieces of work have been inspired by music, people and travelling.

 Please have a look at some of my pieces of work and feel free to send comments or requests on any of the pictures represented below that you might be interested in. Thank you!

Voice Group Logo

Conquering Lion

Roots Music

Reggae Musicians

Old Righteous Man

Max Romeo

Human Fascination

Hungry Fish

Raising the Dead

The Final Cow

Wasp Contamination


Book Cover "Juhani Aho"

Spirit of the Bathroom


Funk Dude on Vinyl

Sprite Can art 1

Sprite Can Art 2

Frontpage image

Fi-reggae Poster

Fi-reggae flyer


Contact me!

I am ready to take on a project even if it doesent directly fit into my style of design. For any further inqueries please contact me through the link above.